Sustainability and environmental responsibility are key to our long-term success. Healthy fish come from healthy oceans.

How do you keep farmed salmon healthy?

In British Columbia farm-raised salmon are very healthy. We use vaccines to protect salmon from natural viruses and bacteria that exist in the Pacific Ocean.

How do fish farms impact the ocean?

To raise healthy fish, we need to make sure the ocean stays healthy and clean. We follow government regulations closely and monitor and reduce our waste as much as possible.

What do farmed salmon eat?

Farm-raised salmon eat food that has been specifically made for them, so they grow to be the healthiest fish possible. We use sustainable ingredients, around 75% of the feed is plant-based proteins and oils, that help to maximize fish growth and health and reduce any potential impacts on the environment and ocean.

Creating a Sustainable Fish Farming Industry

Our long-term success depends on ensuring we are farming in a healthy ocean environment. We rely on qualified experts to maintain fish health and the highest standards of environmental performance.

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