Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you continually use antibiotics to treat sealice?"

No. Sea lice are controlled through good care and management practices. If farmers need to mitigate against too many sea lice on the farm we try to use non-medicinal methods such as fresh water treatments, or mechanical removal systems. When necessary, our veterinarians prescribe the use of special medications designed to control sea lice. Antibiotics are a type of medicine, but the medicines used to treat for sea lice are not antibiotics. Two examples of non-medical treatments that we use are:

  • Hydrolicer technology which uses water pressure to detach sealice from salmon, and
  • Freshwater treatments where salmon are moved to fresh (rather than salt water), as sealice generally do not survive in fresh water.

Looking for more information? Find out more below:

  • "The salmon farming industry is continually looking to find new approaches and effective methods to improve the management of sea lice – including both medicinal and non-medicinal approaches. As the industry looks to increase the use of non-medicinal approaches where suitable, there are a number of new approaches being developed and implemented which are outlined below. As the industry looks for continued innovation, many of these are still in the development or investigational phases, but it is hoped that over time these can be used more commonly."

    Global Salmon Initiative
    Non-Medical Approaches to Sealice Management