Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal-based food producing sector in the world. We are always looking at ways to improve our operations and the technology used to grow healthy fish. Breeding, farm system design, and feed technology has all improved to make fish farming a growing industry in BC.

Do fish farms use medication?

We want to raise lots of healthy fish, and we are always looking at new ways to do this without medicine. The use of antibiotics and medications has been greatly reduced over time, thanks in large part to effective vaccines, and is only used to treat an illness when absolutely necessary.

How are farmed salmon contained?

We are improving all the time. In British Columbia, farmed-raised salmon rarely get out of their pens. We use specialized equipment that has been refined and developed over many years, conduct additional staff training, and invest in technology to make sure fish don’t escape.

How are farmed salmon fed?

Our goal is to feed fish enough to grow big and healthy, while maintaining a sustainable environment. We use feed control systems to make sure salmon get enough food without over feeding and creating waste.

Creating a Sustainable Fish Farming Industry

Our long-term success depends on ensuring we are farming in a healthy ocean environment. We rely on qualified experts to maintain fish health and the highest standards of environmental performance.

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